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My Majora's Mask fan-theories (spoilers)
Okay. Last month, I have beaten Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask for the 3DS. And I gave some thought to everyone’s favorite symbolic/surreal level of the game: The Moon Stage.
Were deep within the original orbital angry meme face ready to destroy the entire world of Termina, you find yourself in a bright and sunny meadow with Moon kids just playing around... with the exception of the sulking kid in the Majora’s Mask. For year, this level has been a hotspot of artistic views and fan theories. And since one of my New Year Resolution is to be more active, I thought I would share my thoughts on this level as well after beating the game… and only took me a month to get to get to it.
Let’s start off with the biggest game piece of Majora’s Mask: The Moon. The 3D graphic brother of the Angry Sun from Mario and the reason why you only have 72-hours to save Termina; because when the clock hits 0, it hits the ground and take everything out. The Moon itself
:iconsilverzeo:SilverZeo 0 1
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Power Rangers Ninja Steel ep 1 review
For those who don’t know, Power Rangers Ninja Steel has started this weekend.
Surprised?  Yeah, me too. I was lucky enough to record the 2nd airing of the episode on Sunday. And since I saw VERY little promotion for the new season so far, from both Nick and the online fanbases;  and taking a page from Linkara’s book, I thought making a review of first and only episode so far to air, “The Return of the Prism”, to help promote the series.
The episode starts off ten years ago, as a giant powerful ninja star travels through space and lands into someone’s backyard.  And that’s pretty much it for the backstory
 Just some random McGuffin that just shows up in space and just ends up in a random person’s backyard. I know Power Rangers have done the whole “items of universal cosmic power” stuff before, but they usually had more backstory to it. Heck, the EnerGems in Dino Charge had a protector to them who then passed it on
:iconsilverzeo:SilverZeo 4 5
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Yeah, Frozen may have come and gone in theaters, but the movie still left an impact all those who watched it, even ones who didn't care...

Part of a fan comic based on one of Nintendo's most popular and infamous video games Star Fox, Another Story follow the story of Frank ...

A very well detailed character sheet and bio for an Original Character. Extra bonus points for it being a Sonic the Hedgehog without it...

At first glance, what captures your attention to this picture is the scars and/or blood on the character, especially around the jaws, t...

Okay. February.

 Been kept busy.

  So far, the time seems to be moving slower than 2016… which I what I fear since you know who has taken office….

Super bowl was crazy. I knew that the Patriots would pull off a last quarter miracle… because my teams always seem to lose that way. My brother threw a small party for co-workers, but we ended up with more soda and junk food than expected, which ruined our family’s plan to diet… as well as Valentine’s Day, as I scored a sweet, sweet, discount cookie-cake heart for everyone.

Also had to take my car to the shop for a minor, but still vital, repair job that really added more to my current car debt.

Saw the Lego Batman movie with my brother as well. It was an actual funny parody of Batman and his hype (something as any watcher of Linkara would enjoy immensely, given if they have seen his Frank Miller Batman reviews.). I was hoping to see Rock Dog… I know it may not be top teir movies, but I hope it will still be a fun watch regardless… just hope it can stay in theaters by the time I can see it.

Throughout the month, I was helping my Dad get a new computer ready for tax and bills, as his was getting slow and ready to be outdated. And Last week, not only did we got our taxes out of the way (with me getting an estimated refund that will just barely cover my car debt), but even sorted out some errors with of my medical insurances… for now… So yeah, a busy day off… till work called me and I really needed the extra hours for the week. TnT

I also managed to finally beat Majora’s Mask for the 3DS the day after Valentine’s Day, just in time before Breath of the Wild came out, though I am still working/grinding Hyrule Warriors for WiiU. And right now, I am on a LoZ frenzy. Listening to the various songs and fandubs of the games; even finding the time to finally read the LoZ Link’s Adventure comic, which I bought after Christmas. I even have some ideas for art pieces I hope I can commission soon.  For now, I am eyeing some costume online shirts for my Majora Win! (Also, expect a fan theory post of the game from me soon)

Speaking of Nintendo… I cannot believe that it been a month since the Switch Showcase and I have drawn NOTHING from it… and now it is out in less than a week and I can’t afford it, due to shorter hours, big bills to be paid, and lots of artists online needing bread. And for those same reasons, I am WAY behind on buying new WiiU and 3DS games…

Also been enjoying some of the new Netflix shows..  still trying to find the time to watch the SoUE with my Dad when we can (he got me into the series back in grade school).  Been binge-watching the new Voltron ASAP though.  Can’t wait to see new Bob’s Burgers episodes on there soon.

Oscars… I didn’t watch but heard how screwed up it was… slightly more so. Amazing, as Bojack Horseman kinda predicted this. But hey, at least Zootopia won best Animation… though I kinda wish that it was mixed up for the “Best Picture” envelope… been a LOGN time since we’ve seen an animated movie be up for that spot, and Lord knows the Academy doesn’t really care for animation.


Okay… what else to talk about February… hmm… I think I need to re look at my comics before I can see what came out when…  TV has been… okay. Power Rangers Ninja Steel has been okay though under promoted… TMNT was intense this month… and Pokemon XY is now on Disney… Pokemon is on Disney, Pokemon is on Disney, Pokemon is on Disney… still can’t believe it.

Anyway, can’t wait for all the good stuff March has. New games, new shows like Samurai Jack, and ALL the birthdays are in this month. Here’s to February and let’s take a walk through March.

  • Listening to: Moana- I know who you are
  • Reading: Bone: Quest for the Spark
  • Watching: Bad Move Beatdown- Leap Year
  • Playing: Animal Crossing New Leaf
  • Eating: Dove Dark Chocolate
  • Drinking: Lemon Ginger Tea


Spoilers for the recent Dragonball Super... Beerus does NOT witness the "wonders" of childbirth...
Parody DeMotivator: The Cell games Reenactment
I must be slow if it took THIS long to have this thought cross my mind... even with the mention of the Saiyans's attack in TFS months ago...

I mean... I know 20,19,18,17, and 16's "rampage" was short live and nothing compared to Cell's... but you think there would be at least remembered as much as Demon King Piccolo's reign...

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