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Okay. February.

 Been kept busy.

  So far, the time seems to be moving slower than 2016… which I what I fear since you know who has taken office….

Super bowl was crazy. I knew that the Patriots would pull off a last quarter miracle… because my teams always seem to lose that way. My brother threw a small party for co-workers, but we ended up with more soda and junk food than expected, which ruined our family’s plan to diet… as well as Valentine’s Day, as I scored a sweet, sweet, discount cookie-cake heart for everyone.

Also had to take my car to the shop for a minor, but still vital, repair job that really added more to my current car debt.

Saw the Lego Batman movie with my brother as well. It was an actual funny parody of Batman and his hype (something as any watcher of Linkara would enjoy immensely, given if they have seen his Frank Miller Batman reviews.). I was hoping to see Rock Dog… I know it may not be top teir movies, but I hope it will still be a fun watch regardless… just hope it can stay in theaters by the time I can see it.

Throughout the month, I was helping my Dad get a new computer ready for tax and bills, as his was getting slow and ready to be outdated. And Last week, not only did we got our taxes out of the way (with me getting an estimated refund that will just barely cover my car debt), but even sorted out some errors with of my medical insurances… for now… So yeah, a busy day off… till work called me and I really needed the extra hours for the week. TnT

I also managed to finally beat Majora’s Mask for the 3DS the day after Valentine’s Day, just in time before Breath of the Wild came out, though I am still working/grinding Hyrule Warriors for WiiU. And right now, I am on a LoZ frenzy. Listening to the various songs and fandubs of the games; even finding the time to finally read the LoZ Link’s Adventure comic, which I bought after Christmas. I even have some ideas for art pieces I hope I can commission soon.  For now, I am eyeing some costume online shirts for my Majora Win! (Also, expect a fan theory post of the game from me soon)

Speaking of Nintendo… I cannot believe that it been a month since the Switch Showcase and I have drawn NOTHING from it… and now it is out in less than a week and I can’t afford it, due to shorter hours, big bills to be paid, and lots of artists online needing bread. And for those same reasons, I am WAY behind on buying new WiiU and 3DS games…

Also been enjoying some of the new Netflix shows..  still trying to find the time to watch the SoUE with my Dad when we can (he got me into the series back in grade school).  Been binge-watching the new Voltron ASAP though.  Can’t wait to see new Bob’s Burgers episodes on there soon.

Oscars… I didn’t watch but heard how screwed up it was… slightly more so. Amazing, as Bojack Horseman kinda predicted this. But hey, at least Zootopia won best Animation… though I kinda wish that it was mixed up for the “Best Picture” envelope… been a LOGN time since we’ve seen an animated movie be up for that spot, and Lord knows the Academy doesn’t really care for animation.


Okay… what else to talk about February… hmm… I think I need to re look at my comics before I can see what came out when…  TV has been… okay. Power Rangers Ninja Steel has been okay though under promoted… TMNT was intense this month… and Pokemon XY is now on Disney… Pokemon is on Disney, Pokemon is on Disney, Pokemon is on Disney… still can’t believe it.

Anyway, can’t wait for all the good stuff March has. New games, new shows like Samurai Jack, and ALL the birthdays are in this month. Here’s to February and let’s take a walk through March.

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:icondarkmane: <da:thumb id="649833692"/>


Please help them, I am rather tapped out until my next payday.
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Happy New Year!!!!

…. About a week ago. Sorry, I was working through the holiday so when the first day off came, I just laze the day away.

Yeah, already a week into 2017, and so far… pretty okay.

New Year’s Eve was… rather dull overall. Just wanted the year to end, so I just watched the NYC Ball drop on TV, without a party or even a family toast at midnight. Heck, I even missed out the New Year party in my AC: New Leaf game.

Yeah, the overall  problems of 2016 DEFINETLY don’t need repeating.  The good stuff, though, defiantly should.

While I am still have a debt to pay off, I still managed to help spot some of my friends and other artists who need it.

The Olympics were a great turn out. Glasses that help color blind people see color. All the great Anniversaries for EVERYTHING; especially Pokemon, with the re-releases of the Gen 1 games, the Pokemon Generation shorts, and I beat both Alpha Sapphire and Moon before the year came to the end. Speaking of Pokemon Moon: Guess who caught his own SHINY Pokemon in the 20 years that he has been playing the games? THIS GUY!!!

And thanks to :iconblueike: I had at least ONE of my scripted stories turn into a comic.

Comm: K9ATail of Baxter Stockman by BlueIke by SilverZeo

I also managed to uncover an old forgotten cartoon and brought it online for the world to share.  Played and finished KH2 after 10 years of just seeing online footage. My room got a great refurbishing, new floors, better lighting, and such.

So yeah… 2016 was a busy and hectic year overall…

So far, I didn’t made any resolutions for the new year.  Gonna try to draw or at least doodle something for everyday when I can, maybe even time to ink and color them.  Hopefully I can do more with my money than just earning and spending it this year.

Lets all try to make 2017 something great to talk about,  despite what problems that could happen.

Also, please show support towards :iconbrain-sickness: and :icondarkmane:

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So far, I spent Christmas morning at mass, opening Christmas gifts… and right now, transferring my old 3DS data to my new New Nintendo 3DS system…. And it is almost at 50% as I write this. SO yeah… no gaming for a while.  


Also got a good haul too. Got the Sun and Moon Stragety Guide. Collector’s edition with conceptart, which I always love!

Blu-Ray of the Thundercats 2013 show.  Bone: Quest for the Spark #2. The  first volume of the 90s Linda Danvers Supergirl comic.  $25 iTunes card. And won at least $10 worth of Christmas Stocking Lotto cards.


Hope everyone else is doing good for the holidays.


And if you can spare anything for those who are in need this season… please do so. The year has been rough for almost everyone in one way or another. I still have my 2 friends in a tight bind until the new year.

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 Here's hoping for a better New Year

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Tis the season to thin our wallets to help those who are in need... and right now 2 people I know REALLY need some cash for the holidays.

First one is Arody Gody, AKA :iconbrain-sickness: and Kancer-Chan. She is a great artist, but due chronic illnesses, she can behind on her work, and since she is supporting her whole family with her commissions, she needs all the work she can need. She is also on monthly SS checks, but they those run out as soon as they come in as they cover mostly rent and utilities. Right now, she is broke, needs money for food, as well as money to switch internet providers, as she is now limited to whatever data she has on her mom's phone or just the computers at her local libary (which will be hard to get to due to the fact she is in Chicago, which is not exactly a great place to be in the winter). Any support for her until the start of January would help her alot.

Here is the link to her situation and paypal info…

Another person I know who needs help is :icondarkmane: as he just had several loses and issues within his family, as well as switching  jobs, he is tight on money until he can gets his tax return sometime in February. He had to sell most of possessions to make end's meet. So any support for him till then will help him alot.

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Yeah... I know I barely got any of these done, I kinda stopped when the election was announced, and since then, November has kept me busy with Pokemon Moon, a harvest festival, Thanksgiving, and so on and so forth. Overall, outside of everything political this month, November was actually great.

Anyway, time to list off those obscure characters I drew for the first week of November.

1.  No-Remember Month Day 1 by SilverZeo The First and Foremost from the Oz books.…
2. No-Remember Month Day 2 by SilverZeo Cage E. Coyote, Wilie E COyote's father from Little Go Beep

3. No-Remember Month Day 3 by SilverZeo Computress from that infamous episode of Dexter's Laboratory where the story was done by a kid.…!

4. No-Remember Month Day 4 by SilverZeo Bumpty Boo from a old anime I watched a LONG time ago back when I was a tot.

5. No-Remember Month Day 5 by SilverZeo Cat from that one episode of Sonic SatAM

6. No-Remember Month Day 6 by SilverZeo Nasty Jack from The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

7. No-Remember Month Day 7 by SilverZeo Bedlam from the Young Justice Comics.…

And thats it, I was tempted to draw the cover bot from that obscure robot-Pokemon game "Robopon", but :iconchadrocco: beat me to it in his Medabot episode of his Cheap Damage show.
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Yeah, here is how my personal challenge will work.

  1. Draw something daily for November
  2. Has to be someone/thing that has little to no fan-base or recognized by mainstream audiences. 
  3. Can't be something/someone I have drawn before
  4. Leave it vague enough in description to have people guess who/what is.
  5. The whole point to those other than personal challenge for myself is to give spotlight to obscure characters and peaking people's curiosity.
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Yeah.... after dealing with the fear of being hit by a hurricane, my dog getting sicker while recovering from her low blood cell account, and my mother having something showing up on her mammogram... of course all those fear were for not and had a better turn than original expected and are now in the clear for now....

That is until I found out that ALOT of my friends online are having some money issues themselves, either just catching up with end's meet, or just been given bad health news.... all the while my hands are tied as I just barely have enough to cover my own bills for car, health, and monthly bills... so people i know are struggling and not a thing I can do about it...

And to top off this month... I went to work on Halloween, late afternoon till closing, and found out that we could wore costumes for the day... even though I asked everyone if we were doign that, they didn't told me "yes", but turns out there was a flyer on in the break room about it... a generic flyer that lists what you can do that blended in too well with the other paper-work posted in the room... and only AFTER I punched in that I realized I could have just wore my Black Superman Logo Shirt and worked it as a TT Era/YJ cartoon Superboy cosplay, which would have work great with the news about Netflix showing interest again for Young Justice... but even though I could have called my parents to bring it in for me... I chose not to because they would have look into my room for it, go out to get to me even though I have no real need for it around the time when everyone is just at home or trick-or-treating... yeah...  wasted time...

Yeah... that was pretty much my October this year... fearing the worst for my house, my family, and my friends and literal just wait around doing nothing until things get better. That's is PURE terror right there, enough to suck the fun Halloween this year... and fits so well with everything else this year. More and more crap just pops up and most of us are just left waiting till they're properly finished...

The only real enjoyable thing I done this month outside of work and just waiting on new of possible doom was that I finished Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and just had a great day off hanging out with a friend of mine... and there were those pictures that :iconmdtartist83: and :iconhigure-san: did that lifted my spirits for this month too.. it still sucks that I didn't get to draw month long and break my personal record from last year... and I also didn't get to watch and enjoy all the Halloween specials I wanted to see... but I guess next year might be better...

And now... we have November... and it is off on a bad start as something slipped my mind while multitasking while writing this and watching Linakra's "Real Ghostbusters in Ghostbusters II"... and then we have the election to look forward to within a week.... and Pokemon Sun/Moon in a week after that, so we have something with legit interest for....

ANy way... no matter how it turns out... I will make this month work out better for myself, as well as others...
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Since I have nothing guaranteed for Halloween this year, I thought I might as well try to dust off an old video I made WAY back in college. Be warn: Bad audio and "mouth smacks" in this.

Shout out to :iconchadrocco: for inspiring me to make this, and to :iconlinkara: because he has/reviewed this book as well.
Hmmm... hard to believe about a week ago, my town was all worried about a hurricane hitting us and then lost power at this hour...

Nothing really new right now. Still in car debt... nothing to rush but I really want to pay it off before Christmas, or at least New Years. And since we are 10 months in 2016 (LORD, this year has been a bad mixture of both short and long), I only have a few paydays within the year to pay it off...

So yeah, pretty much going ultimate cold turkey. Meaning I can't really help out with any sudden donation drive/emergency commissions that people will have... well, nothing over $15 at least...

But here on out. No big commissions or bail outs from this guy.

Hopefully, I can give a little more by December...

To all those who depended on me... sorry.
Yeah, about an hour ago, I was checking my sites on my phone in my when the lights flickered on. Less than 48 hours after the storm, we have power again!

Yeah. I was worried as the Matthew was placed had my town right up against the eye wall, the most dangerous part of the of the hurricane, but it looks like it moved a little over to the east and we just got the tropical bands. My family didn't had to huddle together in the middle of the house like the last hurricane that hit us.

Hell, we didn't have any real damage near the house. No down power lines. No knocked over trees, no water damage. Even the screens around the pool patio, heavuly worn out by all the years blowing in the wind, stood up through the whole thing.

Outside of some knock over bushes and broken signs and fences, nothing was damaged in the neighborhood. Have yet to explore the rest of the town yet... as I am working as soon as the storm passed. Yeah.... and as the power went on too, with lights and AC,  my folks went from thrill to crabby within 5 minutes.

Yeah, strongest storm I had to deal with, and literally everything went back to normal within 2 days....

And, as soon as my WiFi was back on, I found this.

Yeah... the dark moody set up... WAY too many fan-trailers made parodies of that... and this followed suit too... but the new twists to the Rangers powers seem neat... until it dawned on my that it comes off more like how the Dino Thunder rangers came together.... with glowy-jewels than coins that gave them this stuff.

Speaking of which... how is Dino Charge, just missed it, as well as MLP, but I caught "Legend of Everfree" on Netflix before the power lost.

Anything else I missed out on the last couple of days?
My state is going to be hit by the hurricane.

I am with family. We are stock up, and prepared for the worst.

The recovery though may take awhile. So I won't know when I can be back online

Just letting all my watcher and friends know.

Wish me luck.
:iconblueike: finished a comic commission as a spin off to :icondarkmane:'s K-9 Agency Comic Series, Just a fun crossover series where anything can happen, anyone can meet anyone, and obscure and underused characters get some spotlight.…

Commish: The Tail of Baxter Stockman pg1 by BlueIke Commish: The Tail of Baxter Stockman pg2 by BlueIke Commish: The Tail of Baxter Stockman pg3-1 by BlueIke Commish: The Tail of Baxter Stockman pg3-2 by BlueIke Commish: The Tail of Baxter Stockman pg3-3 by BlueIke Commish: The Tail of Baxter Stockman pg3-4 by BlueIke Commish: The Tail of Baxter Stockman pg4-1 by BlueIke  Commish: The Tail of Baxter Stockman pg4-2 by BlueIke Commish: The Tail of Baxter Stockman pg4-3 by BlueIke Commish: The Tail of Baxter Stockman END by BlueIke

Commish: The Tail of Baxter Stockman Intermission2 by BlueIke

It was inspired by his picture of an AU where Baxter Stockman mutates into Dogpound when the original mutate into Rahzar in "Mickey Gets ShellAcne"  Baxter Dog and Mikey by darkmane  Baxter Dog and Mikey 2 by darkmane

My other Spin-off comics for the series
Com: A Normal Day at  K-9 Agency by CaseyLJones by SilverZeo K-9 Agency Chow Hound Comic Master postFor his birthday, I wrote a small fanfic based on :icondarkmane:'s K-9 Agency comic and characters, based on a old Looney Tunes short (with one of THE most darkest endings to their history).
Well, around August last year, I manage to earn enough cash to comission :iconcaseyljones: to turn that fanfic into an actually comic spin off! Of course, I had to reformat the material to be a comic strip to gets things following, added another scene, fixed numerous grammar mistakes (or words and sentences I felt sound too weird to work). Even though it based on an old piece I did years ago, it did took me over a couple of months to get everything done just right (even more fine tuning when the comic was being drawing), which goes to show you: Nothing is as easy as it looks.
It also took Casey some time to get all 13 pages done between other commission order he had, as well as his day job and the holidays, but he put in ALOT of work into these pages and they do show. And now that he has posted the
Yeah... got the VHS off the ebay and thought to share it with others ASAP
Update: PART 2 IS UPP!!!

I was planing this big video for the 20th anniversary yesterday... but busy with work and concerning personal events for the last couple days left me unprepared, making doing a rush job for pretty MUCH everything, from writing and recording my lines for the script, collecting and editing clips and pictures for the whole thing together, and the end result was... inconclusive.

I work with an old verison of Windows MovieMaker... which means that if any files in the set-up, from the videos or even the overall audio of the narration, has a flaw or glitch, like a unexpected pause in the preview, the whole process to convert it in full video file while stop. So I had to reedit everything over and over again whenever there was a pause. And in the end... there was still an error... and the WMM does NOT tell what or where the error actually is, it just stops at a certain percent, but nothing TOO specific.

And the whole thing may come from a video file I use... but in order to guarantee to file to pass processing, I would have to rearrange clips with photos, as well as adjusting them to fit the narration timeline.... but that would still leave the possibility the OTHER clips I used in the video are flawed too... and considering  I have work later today, and my Mom just came back from surgery, so if I DO get the video ready (not including the full add ons needed to make decent for viewers), it won't be today, or tomorrow. Some time next week would be the BEST estimate....

So yeah, I already missed the big day preparing the video, and I've learn from personal experience that if I were to celebrate things properly,I would better use my time for the little stuff I can do rather than having to use most of it to experiment with something big overall. So instead of a video, I will try to draw as much Road Rover theme drawings that I can for the month. But since I am going to work soon in a few hours, I'll have to settle on posting the video's script for now.

After all. I put that much thought and time writing it, I might as well get some use from it now if I can't get the video itself to work the way I wanted to.

Big thanks :iconmdtartist83: for his help on this project too. Sorry for the waste, man.

It will be a big month for me and fandoms, not only for Road Rovers, but Star Trek too (hiting 50 today) and the original Yu-Gi-Oh! manga too.

So, it's time for me to hit the road and get things done!
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Been reading "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pink" #2. It has Kimberly meeting Zach and Trini and using the power of the Sword of Light, along with Zordon's energies and her own, turn them into Rangers again (with variants in design).

Hmm... Trini becoming a ranger again with someone else's powers via ancient magical space sword... where have I heard that before....
Commission - Lion-O and Trini by FantasyFlixArt

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Sun Aug 7, 2016, 8:36 AM
Yup... it's my birthday....

So far 2016 has been... abysmal... aside from the concerns with current events, both national and international; there has been some personal things I've been going through myself...

Still in debt...
Notice a great deal of distance with some friends of mine....
My elementary PE/Social Studies teacher just pased away with a 2nd bout of cancer...
And my dog seems to have a condition where she is unable to make a sufficient amount of blood-cells for body, and we are still unsure what could be the cause, with the possibilities ranging from bio-defect or caner)....

But there is still some hope. Not only is my cousin getting married (an event I can't afford to attend), but also, I am going to be an uncle around the start of the new year. Yup. I will no longer be the official "baby" of the family.

So even with all the crap going on with the world, I'm still doing the best as I can, trying make life NOT suck for friends I have.

So yeah. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

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Yeah. Just found out that TODAY is the day for the new Harry Potter Book, the Cursed Child....

WTF, PEOPLE!?!?!?!

I know it has been a long time since the last book, and the Harry Potter hype went down since the last movie came out, as well as the fact the new book itself is a co-production with the Rowling and some play-wrights, so it may not be considered a true Harry Potter book.... BUT COME ON! It's Harry Potter! No one had hype or fanart coming out in barrels for this?

I remember when the Deadly Hallows book came out at a local bookstore at the mall. It was a midnight launch party, with SUCH a long line that everyone had to organize in lines with colored ribbons and junk. But I just found out it came out today... (thankfully, my Dad pre-ordered it on Amazon as soon as the news was heard)... and I was surprise to see the lack of news hype and fanart leading to it, not only here, but on other sites like Tumblr, as well as in my local book stores. My local Books-A-Million had ads and Harry Potter Merc... but I am not sure if they had a launch party like the one they had when the last book came out... and it was the same place too! Even my local town book store had an event calendar for the month... and it had nothing for it!

 It was almost like how Marvel hardly promoted the latest "Fan-4-Stic" movie.... is the book that bad? Are the fans that cynical about it? Or have current event over shadow this? Even I am surprise how out the loop I am about this.

What is the deal, people?!?
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KH 2.8 trailer

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 8, 2016, 6:49 AM
css by: whispwill

kingdom hearts css

free use kh css for all of you who voted for it ;3
please keep my credit!

Finally, new material! But even this... it is still teasing, especially for KH3

Wonder if there will be any add-ons for DDD

Either way, gonna make some Zootopia/KH fanart... mostly of everyone's favorite key wielding nobody....

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Okay... pretty much half the year gone already... amazing how much time slows down when your struggling with work and money, but with personal projects, months just pass overhead when your still in the planning phase....

Same order of business for me.  Still working off car debt, and even with me giving to those in need, I am making decent progress. Doesn't hurt too that even though it is the slow season for work, I am given more hours than usually in the last couple of weeks than usual.... well... the heat and humidity, as well as sunburns, do hurt a little...

Just saw the new TMNT movie. If X-Men Apocalypse was a cheesy movie, than the new TMNT is a Triple cheese pizza with stuff crust.

* Everything you tend to hate about Bayformers movies is there, but somewhat shorter and more tolerable.
* Unlike the last 3 Superhero movies from DC and Marvel, this movie ACTUALLY has the heroes stopping massive death and destruction to a city.
* Also, unlike the Jem and the Holograms movie, this movie actuall have a fusion cover of the 80s TMNT theme with the orginal 2nd movie's "Go Ninja Go Ninja Go" song.
* Bebop and Rocksteady are not disappointing.
* Everything you hate about the Bayformers movies is sill there.
    *  Unfunny comedic filler/relief.
    *  Off pacing and unexplained jumps in the story and logic.
    *  Scenes made just for the trailer
* Shredder and Krang are VERY disappointing...

Hmm... guess that all I can say for now. When real update happens, I will let you know...

Oh, almost forgot....

My :iconbplz::iconiplz::iconrplz::icontplz::iconhplz::icondplz::iconaplz::iconyplz: is in August... just a fair 2 month plan ahead.
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