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Tis the season to thin our wallets to help those who are in need... and right now 2 people I know REALLY need some cash for the holidays.

First one is Arody Gody, AKA :iconbrain-sickness: and Kancer-Chan. She is a great artist, but due chronic illnesses, she can behind on her work, and since she is supporting her whole family with her commissions, she needs all the work she can need. She is also on monthly SS checks, but they those run out as soon as they come in as they cover mostly rent and utilities. Right now, she is broke, needs money for food, as well as money to switch internet providers, as she is now limited to whatever data she has on her mom's phone or just the computers at her local libary (which will be hard to get to due to the fact she is in Chicago, which is not exactly a great place to be in the winter). Any support for her until the start of January would help her alot.

Here is the link to her situation and paypal info…

Another person I know who needs help is :icondarkmane: as he just had several loses and issues within his family, as well as switching  jobs, he is tight on money until he can gets his tax return sometime in February. He had to sell most of possessions to make end's meet. So any support for him till then will help him alot.

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December 12, 2016


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