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Okay. Last month, I have beaten Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask for the 3DS. And I gave some thought to everyone’s favorite symbolic/surreal level of the game: The Moon Stage.

Were deep within the original orbital angry meme face ready to destroy the entire world of Termina, you find yourself in a bright and sunny meadow with Moon kids just playing around... with the exception of the sulking kid in the Majora’s Mask. For year, this level has been a hotspot of artistic views and fan theories. And since one of my New Year Resolution is to be more active, I thought I would share my thoughts on this level as well after beating the game… and only took me a month to get to get to it.


Let’s start off with the biggest game piece of Majora’s Mask: The Moon. The 3D graphic brother of the Angry Sun from Mario and the reason why you only have 72-hours to save Termina; because when the clock hits 0, it hits the ground and take everything out. The Moon itself is up to debate being real or not, as it sort-of gets destroyed to usher in the Dawn of the New Day, and even in Hyrule Warriors show that moon is just an illusion made by magic.

To me, the Moon IS Skull Kid, the “main” villain of the game.

In the lore of Termina, Skull Kid is an imp who was once friends of the 4 Giants, Guardians of Termina. When the giants left to sleep until needed, Skull Kid felt abandoned by his giant bushy-besties and cause terrible mischief in the land, causing the giants to be mad at Skull Kid enough to even tear him apart. Filled by both fear and abandonment, Skull Kid ran away and lay low for a few centuries until he meets his new fairy friends, Talt and Tael. Together they had fun and pulled a few pranks… one prank however, started a series of terrible fates for EVERYONE. The Trio robbed the Happy Mask Salesman of a certain mask. Majora’s Mask, which Skull Kid puts on… and begins to set pranks on everyone he meets. His like jokes with the mask range from turning Link into a sad looking shrub, turning a grown man into a kid, breaking the great fairies of the land into smaller fairies that he traps in dangerous dungeons, polluting 2 bodies of water, causing the dead to raise and unable to be put to rest; and of course, making the moon fall and ending the world and everyone in it with a giant fiery explosion of death.

The moon is clearly represents Skull Kid, who pretty much created the moon with the magic of Majora’s Mask. The angry expression ready to strike the world that shunned and hates him. And when you use the telescope to zoom in on the Skull Kid on top of the clock tower, who would “moon” you (unless on the 3rd day, where he become stiff and a little unhinged at that point of the game), the moon-in-question sheds a giant tear, a good metaphor of how he is really is just sad and alone inside.

Now we got the outside of moon covered, let’s talk about the inside. Basically, the inside is Skull Kid’s ideal Termina. Just him and his 4 friends, having fun… but the child with the Majora’s Mask isn’t playing with them. I suspect that this is not only the inside of the moon the ideal world of Skull Kid… but also his conscience. The other 4 children all have the masks of the bosses you fought in the game, the ones that house the spirits of the giant. But the kid with the Majora’s Mask, is just sulking. Since Skull Kid is the only one who wears the Maora’s Mask in the game, it is safe to say that the Moon Kid wearing Majora’s Mask is represented as Skull Kid himself,  who knows what he did to get what he wanted was wrong and is sad by it. I mean, his friends are back and playing… they’re not actually playing WITH him…  And when you do play with the “Skull Kid” on the moon, he tells you that you are a “bad guy” and need to “run”, which leads you into the actual boss fight with Majora… in a room with no room to escape… just fight… which is the the opposite to run… making you the “hero” of the “game” you’re playing. This seems like contradictory play thing that most mischievous kids like to play, since Link is kinda a villain to Skull Kid for ruining his “fun”.  

And this brings up another theory I had another hot-spot for theories and speculations: The Fierce Deity’s  Mask.  It has dark powers rivaling Major’s Mask, as well as a gossip stone saying that it “contains the merits of all masks”.  In order to get the mask, you play “tag” with the 4 other moon children, who demand the Happy Masks you’ve collected for entering and leaving their dungeons based on their respected temples you ventured through in Termina. After playing with them, they disappear from the moon-meadow. This goes with the Lore of the Giants, going to sleep until they are needed by the people of Termina. The Happy Masks you collected come mostly from helping people in the game, and by giving the children the “happiness” of the people, they go back to sleep.  Leaving the Majora Masked Kid alone again…

My theory is this: The Fierce Deity’s Mask is ACTUALLY a BOSS MASK, much like the ones that trapped the spirits of the 4 Giants. Only this time, Skull Kid fused the power of the happiness of the Masks Link gave up with Majora’s power to create a new Powerful mask.  The dungeons themselves were a test to see if Link would be able to handle both the Mask’s power and take on the actual Majora’s Mask. Hence why you have to ask to fight the final boss, even after the Mask itself challenges you to follow and stop him.

Well… that’s my theory, and I am aware of the Game Theory channel on YouTube, and I have seen his stuff, especially on the FNAF series, and I know he has done a good amount of the LoZ games too, but I am currently unaware if he has done a video on the Moon level or Fierce Deity’s Mask of Majora Mask… all of this  is just my own thoughts as I played the game.

Your thoughts? I may have another theory I might share if you are interested enough.

My thoughts on a couple of aspects of the game
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